I am a machine learning researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and a PhD student in federated learning at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I am part of the RISE AI deep learning group led by Olof Mogren. During the spring of 2023 I visited the NYU Center for Data Science, supervised by Kyunghyun Cho.


My research is focused on representation learning using deep nets in decentralized and federated systems. I’m especially interested in understanding out of distribution generalization. Beyond this, I have an interest in applying ML to solve problems related to sustainability and climate change. I am always open for collaborations in these areas, feel free to reach out. Here is my Google Scholar profile.

If you are a student interested in doing a project or a master thesis I am always open for discussions. Click here for suggestions and previous work I have supervised.

Industry projects

Below follows a list of some industry projects I’ve been part of.